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Essential Network Services

Supporting Your Essential Network Infrastructure


ENS of Texas provides Voice, Data, Video Cabling, Surveillance, Sound Masking and Design Services. 


Structured Cabling

The need for increased bandwidth of today’s high performance networks require transmission media hardware capable of transmitting an electrical or optical signal/s from point to point accurately and consistently, thus professional installation of a high performance structured cabling system is of vital importance to the success of any voice, data, or video network system.

Essential Network Services of Texas employs technicians who have installed almost every type of cable infrastructure imaginable, thus we offer an experience base shared by few of our peers. While technologies such as RS232/422/485, thicknet, thinnet, twinax, ect. have come and gone with the standardization of structured cabling systems and the need for speed, we pride ourselves in employing the best trained, professional technicians, who are proud of their work and excited to complete your project.

Essential Network Services of Texas can design, project manage, install, and maintain standards based structured cabling systems consisting of category 3, 5e, and 6 and/or fiber optic cabling for both horizontal and backbone (inside and outside plant) systems. We are capable of handling all of your structured cabling needs no matter how large or small, whether your moving one workstation or relocating an entire campus.

No matter what the project, we thoroughly test each installed cable link to ensure it is standards compliant, with company owned test equipment. We provide copper testing, via Fluke Level III equipment. Tier 1 (i.e. Optical Loss Test Set) fiber testing is performed, via Fluke test equipment and tier 2 (i.e. Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) fiber testing is performed, via Nettest OTDR.


Design Overview

Why choose Essential Network Services of Texas as a design service?

In short; to avoid costly mistakes, get the system your company needs and ultimately to save your company money. Our industry experience, and expertise, will assist you in achieving your mission of getting what you want for a fair price.

Having been exposed to a plethora of bad, or lack of, specifications and designs we know how very important it is to have a detailed specification and design for your project.  A good specification and design will virtually eliminate the unknowns for the installation contractor and will promote the contractor to bid only the labor, materials, equipment, etc. required to complete your project the way you intend.

In addition, the occurrence of change orders is reduced significantly, due to the fact both parties (you and your contractor/s) know exactly what is required in writing.  The level of detail provided, via a good design package, will promote an “apples to apples” comparison for you to utilize during the choosing of a contractor, thus keeping your project’s cost to a minimum. We feel that our experience gives us a perspective shared by few of our peers.

We employee multiple designers who are registered with BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) as RCDDs (Registered Communications Distribution Designers) and who are fluid in AutoCAD computer aided drafting. Every RCDD professional has passed an extensive examination on telecommunications distribution design and thus is capable of designing your low voltage technology system/s per common codes, standards, and regulations (e.g. ANSI/TIA/EIA, ISO/IEC, NFPA, NEC, etc.). RCDD registration renewal is required every three years and requires continuing education credits, thus by utilizing an RCDD you are guaranteed to have a designer with knowledge of the latest “cutting edge” technology.


It’s crucial to meet with key personnel to discuss the current and future needs and requirements of your technology systems. Essential Network Services of Texas will examine details discussed during meetings, suggest additional meetings if needed, and generate budgetary project pricing. We inform you of you options and provide the pros and cons of each. We believe you are better served to know all available options in order for you to make an informed decision designed to fit your company’s business model.


In manufacturing, drawings are a requirement for part creation and your technology system is no exception. In order to have a system installed efficiently, good drawings are a must. Essential Network Services of Texas utilizes the latest releases of AutoCAD to create a complete Technology Drawing Set (i.e. “T-Series”) for your project. This drawing set may include Campus/Site Plans (T0 series), Building Layout by Floor (T1 series), Serving Zone Layouts (T2 series), Technology Spaces Layout (T3 series), Details (T4 series), and Schedules (T5 series).


RFP is an acronym for Request for Pricing. Even the best drawings aren’t enough to complete a design package. A complete design package must include an RFP. The RFP includes descriptive text outlining the project, facility information, contractual requirements, financial requirements, contractor responsibilities, contractor requirements, system and installation requirements, warranty expectations, and bid response format among others. Essential Network Services of Texas will compose a detailed RFP for your project and along with the drawing package allow you to get a fair price for the services your desires require

Sound Masking / White Noise

Essential Network Services of Texas trusts Cambridge Sound Management and other sound masking products to create more productive, secure, and comfortable offices environment. The patented sound masking technology is designed to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy. Specifically engineered to mask human speech, sound masking helps boost productivity and privacy.

Request a free quote and one of our experts will contact you  to collect information and process your request.

Data Center

Power Backup/Conditioning

Today businesses rely heavily on technology systems for their day to day operations. Unfortunately, many businesses take the very life line of their technology systems for granted and the power needed for these systems. (i.e. the power you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), for they have not taken steps to maintain power to their crucial systems when power outages and/or power quality issues occur from forces of nature, severing of power transmission lines, mechanical failure of hardware, etc. When these problems occur, it can cost your company big dollars in lost sales, productivity, damaged equipment, etc. Imagine what might happen if your company was down for minutes, hours, or even days. Frightening isn’t it! Most of these issues can be avoided with a comprehensive alternate power backup plan. This alone is reason enough to move backup power to the top of your businesses priority list. At Essential Network Services of Texas we will assist you in providing a winning strategy to keep power feeding your crucial systems in likely event your power utility company lets you down someday when you least expect it. If you think purchasing a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) will help, your on the right track, but how do you integrate it into your system/s, what run time do you need, what power strategy do you take, is monitoring required, do you need a generator to supplement your system, etc.  Essential Network Services has the expertise necessary to assist you in your backup power plan. We provide the turnkey backup power protection solutions that your business deserves, offering and installing UPS units up to 750kVA, natural gas and diesel generators up to 880kW, PDU (Power Distribution Units), RDP (Rack Distribution Panels), ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), etc.

Audio Visual

Your cutting edge business requires cutting edge corporate audiovisual solutions.  We’ve partnered with corporations, large and small, to find them the perfect corporate audiovisual solutions for their business – solutions that match their needs, their budgets, and their timelines.  We take your business from initial consultation to implementation. We partner with key members within your organization and manage the process from end to end so you don’t have to. 

Surveillance Systems